Friday, April 23, 2010

magical moments in the studio

Here are my latest renditions of what I've done with fabric and threads. Well, let's not forget a tad bit of lace thrown in some of the pieces too.

I want to give credit to an artist named Stephanie Levy for inspiring me to create this scene. I love looking at her artwork. I wish she'd put them all in a book that I could peruse through day after day after day.

And then I got this wild hair about trying out a new technique (for me anyway) with dresses I drew. I played around until these three showed up. They remind me of little fairy dresses.

There is little I enjoy more than going into my studio and being alone with my fabrics, threads, beads and imagination. I know I need to market more, to set up my etsy account, to blog more often, to visit galleries and boutiques... I know I need to do all of that, but there is something so magical about my time spent in my studio. Something always shows up that surprises me. I look at the end results and am in awe. Those are the moments when I truly let go. I totally surrender to the process and allow whatever comes forth from the process.

It is a gift I get to savor over and over. This treasure of magical moments that turn into tangible items people cherish. It fills my heart to overflowing. What magic. What joy. Ah...I soak it in.


  1. These are awesome Miss Jill. I'll have to come to your studio and see them up close and personal.

  2. HI Jill,

    Your attention to detail is beautiful - I love the little dresses!